Call for Writers

Call for Writers

Call for writers/storytellers Grown Up Story Time is an hour of funny, heartwarming, crazy, amazing stories read aloud. Where do those stories come from?….YOU

What we need from you: Stories!! Fact/Fiction - and everything in between, we want your stories!
Do you have a classic go-to story you tell to all your new friends? A story that your significant other can recite verbatim? Are you a closeted Oprah fan fiction writer? Time to write it down and share it with a new audience. Or perhaps something you are embarrassed to tell but would make a great “Anonymous” submission.

Stories that are chosen will be distributed among curated readers who will read them aloud at the next Grown Up Story Time event. See your story come to life and hear it with a new voice…

Tips to make your story stand out: Stories typically take from 3 to 10 minutes to read, which means max word count is about 1500 and shorter is definitely better (7-8 stories will be read at the event so time is a thing.) Think about your reader - punctuation/grammar should express your voice not your eight-grade English teachers (or your three year old brothers). We aren’t judging just trying to make it easier on the reader. Topics? Anything goes. Remember this is Grown-Up story time. We can handle anything you throw at us.

Please send stories to 14 days prior to the upcoming event.

If you need a little inspiration video from our first Boston StoryTime (big thanks to SCATV for recording!). Jump around, there are 9 stories total.