Boston GUST

Boston GUST

Boston’s GrownUp StoryTime is an hour of funny, heartwarming, crazy, amazing stories read aloud at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville once a month, typically the fourth Wednesday (but check our schedule just to be sure). Created by the original BooTown in Houston and now in Boston and LA.

Remember storytime before bedtime? Well this is just like that only replace a loved one with a weird stranger, warm milk with craft brews and your bedroom with Aeronaut’s cozy Duck Village Stage. The best part is that you don’t have to go to sleep afterward - cause we’re all grown-up now!

We take short short (fact, fiction, and everything in between) stories written by the community, hand them to local performers, and hilarity and/or poignant storytelling ensues. Come enjoy a beer and listen to some great stories!

Interested in writing? Check out our “Call for Writers”. Please note that writers do not read their own stories, part of the magic is hearing your story brought to life by someone else.

Want to read? Email us at or message us (BooTown Boston) on FB.

We think supporting local artists is important and so is accessibility to the arts which is why the event is FREEEEEEEE but we ask for a $5 donation per person. We pay our writers and readers the 3rd time (and every time thereafter) they read/write for us. #SupportLocalArtists

Check out our Schedule for details on our next show!